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Att: Quick 2 Bitch

It has come to my attention that no one in my community likes you. In fact i think your an ugly ass bitch. Can you please tell me what you are wearing in that picture? a red T-SHIRT? yeah ok and that purse, it's definately bad news. And why do you insist on flipping the camera off? Are you pissed at the world? Fuck the free world? I think you are incredibly annoying and definately PUG FUGLY. That's right...PUG FUGLY. Please leave this community at once--wait, let me help you. Don't ever come back and if you do, i will CUT you. No, i really will.

Fuck YOU,

Jaime and Kerry Cass
Co-Moderators of Hottelitists

P.S. it was a nice attempt chris walsh but you and your girlfriend have better things to do, right? exactly.
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