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Att: Quick 2 Bitch

It has come to my attention that no one in my community likes you. In fact i think your an ugly ass bitch. Can you please tell me what you are wearing in that picture? a red T-SHIRT? yeah ok and that purse, it's definately bad news. And why do you insist on flipping the camera off? Are you pissed at the world? Fuck the free world? I think you are incredibly annoying and definately PUG FUGLY. That's right...PUG FUGLY. Please leave this community at once--wait, let me help you. Don't ever come back and if you do, i will CUT you. No, i really will.

Fuck YOU,

Jaime and Kerry Cass
Co-Moderators of Hottelitists

P.S. it was a nice attempt chris walsh but you and your girlfriend have better things to do, right? exactly.
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Spell my name right ASS!!! It is Quik2bitch. There is no effing "C" in the Quik. HAHA

OH and another thing...apparently "you" aren't English majors. Your entire paragragh in first person POV yet you signed it "Co-Moderators" with both Kerry and Jaime's names. Hmmm, I am confused. I think you need to delete the post, and rewrite it adding a "we" or "us" to make it correct.

(I love you both...well one of you, the other I am over)

wow. you're an ass.
Too bad you don't know me...it is really sad I come off like this. I am just tired of what has been handed to me and I snapped. For reacting as harshly and not in my character I do believe needs an apology. I know I am better than the way I acted, but chose to sink to levels I shouldn't have.



February 22 2004, 17:18:14 UTC 14 years ago

yeah you are a total bitch. seems to me that everyone around you got sick of your bitching so your coming on LJ to do it. it really is sad that you come off like that, but its because you are like that?

good work.
wow...so powerful of words, but too much of a pussy to put a name LJ or otherwise.

wait, why am i getting these comments sent to my email? whats going on.
prolly cuz the root comment that all these replies are stemming from was yours...no...actually prolly cuz you are one of the moderators? i don't know. LJ is a bitch...we all know that.